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Offer Fail Traffic

The following tutorial will outline the steps to configuring offer fail traffic

Step #1

The first step to configuring offer fail traffic is to navigate to the page where you can adjust the settings of an offer. Go to Offers then Manage to get to a list of offers. Click on an offer to get to its information.

Step #2

Now that you are at the offer information page, click Edit to get to offer fail traffic.

Step #3

Now that you can edit the information, select Fail Traffic.

Step #4

Enabling fail traffic allows you to redirect failed clicks to new offers. This means that if a click did not go through to this offer, it would then link to another offer that is set below under Redirects.

Flip the switch for Enable Fail Traffic.

Step #5

Now that the fail traffic is enabled, failed clicks will be redirected to either Clash of Clans or Free Late (examples). You can edit the priority of these by changing the Position. The Rules section allows you to target specific users based on traits such as device characteristics and geolocation. This redirect section is set up to redirect users that use Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and a few other traits to go to Clash of Clans. If the user does not match any of the criteria, they are set to go to Free Late, the next offer in line. The offer will waterfall down to the next offer in line. You can add a new redirect by clicking Add Redirect.

Step #6

Now that there is a new redirect, you must assign it an Offer / Offer Group and rules if necessary. Click Save when you are finished.

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