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Add event postbacks

An event postback is used if the advertiser would like to pass more data back to your Everflow account after the initial conversion. This data could be anything such as registration, sale, retention, in-app purchase...etc. Here is how to setup an event postback. 

Step #1

Make sure the event is setup, view this by going to Offers > Manage > Select the offer > then on the right side of the page you will see this, if you don't see any additional events please click "edit" to add one:

Step #2

To generate a postback for event ID 182(Super event). I would then go to the bottom of the offer page in a section called : "Conversion Postback". Then from the dropdown called: "Conversion" please select "Super event". Then copy that postback and give to the client to place for that specific event. 

As you can see the only difference about this postback and the initial conversion postback is this the &event_id=:

Pro-tip - You can also use an event postback with a global postback url, just keep in mind that you MUST put &event= into the global postback url. Here is an example:

In this video I will demonstrate how to add an event postback. 

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