v2.2.5 Release Notes (03/07/18) : Helpdesk

v2.2.5 Release Notes (03/07/18)

Features Added

  • Weekly caps. New function available here in the Offers > Tracking & Controls section. 
  • New concept of sales manager at the advertiser level. This feature allows you to assign another manager separate from the account manager. You can find it here in the Advertisers > General section. 
  • UI Customization. Customization of the color theme. Found here in Settings > UI Customization
  • Support server-side URL: Ability to execute server-server clicks and obtain a click ID.
  • New Notes field when adding a reporting adjustment. Feature found here in Affiliates > Adjustments. 
  • Ability to expose affiliate ID into the Advertiser UI via a config at the advertiser level. This feature gives the ability to let advertisers have visibility of different traffic sources based on the affiliate ID. Previously it used to be blind to advertisers.
  • Billing informations are now available when adding/editing an affiliate. 
  • New bulk status feature for the offer creatives. Feature allows users to make bulk changes to creatives without clicking into the creative. Found here under Offers > Creatives. 


  • Exporting a report will only include the metrics that were displayed in the UI instead of all metrics. 

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