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Session Definition; Rules for Duplicate Clicks & Conversions

This article will explain Session Definition, and the rules tied to Duplicate Clicks & Conversions. 

Session Definition is found in the Tracking & Controls section when setting up or editing an offer. 

Session Definition: The parameters defining how you would like Everflow to classify a user as unique. 

The most accurate way to do this is through a cookie (for Web traffic). We also support IP, IP + User Agent, GAID and IDFA. 

ex: If the session definition is set to 24 hours that would mean that any user that returns to that offer within 24 hours will be shown the offer and allowed to convert; however they will be considered a duplicate user and if required, the click can be blocked or redirected to fail traffic due to being a duplicate click.

  • If you want to block the duplicate click from reaching your advertiser's offer:

Step 1

At the offer level, Edit > Tracking & Controls > Enable "Duplicate Click Filter"

Step 2

Next you will be required to make a selection that will determine what your duplicate clicks are shown. If you choose to Block the clicks, they will see a dead page. If you choose to send the clicks to Fail Traffic, they will be sent to an offer of your choosing. To learn more about Fail Traffic, please click here

*IMPORTANT* if you do not enable the duplicate click filter those clicks will still be shown the destination url, they will be allowed to convert and credit will be given to the affiliate for the conversion. They will just show up in the duplicate click column in offer reporting. 

Step 3


  • If you'd like to allow duplicate conversions:

Step 1

At the offer level, Edit > Attribution > Enable "Allow Duplicate Conversions"

Step 2


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