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Affiliate Billing/invoice feature

This feature allows you to generate invoices for affiliates based on a specific timeframe and pay them directly from the platform.


1. Invoices can be generated manually using AffiliateInvoicesAdd Invoice

2. Invoices can also be generated automatically if the Auto Invoice Creation switch is enabled

You can do this after the invoice is added you click the name of the invoicebilling tab click "edit" → then you click this button:

        - When the Auto Invoice Creation is on, the most recent invoice will be created for the affiliate, taking their billing frequency into account (eg. if we are on a April the 19th and the frequency is set to Monthly-the 2nd, the last invoice to             be generated will be from March the 2nd to April the first inclusively).

3. When a new invoice is created, either manually or automatically, all the reporting is fetched and added in the invoice details, this will group it by offer. 

        - This data will show up as line items in the "Details" section when viewing the invoice. 

4. Auto invoice creation can be switched on or off for every affiliate at the time in the NetworkSettings. The modification will ignore ‘manual’ and ‘other’ billing frequency

5. Manual adjustments can be added to the invoice in the invoice view. These adjustments are independent of the reporting data.

6. Data can be ‘synchronized’ in the invoice view. That means that it will override the data with the current reporting values. This can be useful, for example, if some reporting adjustments are made after the invoice has been created and need to be added to the invoice.

7. A PDF view of the invoice can be generated by clicking on the invoice list menu action and then on ‘Export as PDF’  

8. Your company address can be updated in the Invoice PDF by going to Network → Settings → Addresses.

1. Payments can be executed in the invoice list by selecting one or many invoices. The system will then prompt the user to confirm the amounts (these amounts can be modified at this point).

        - Invoice status is automatically updated to ‘Paid’ when the invoice is paid in full. Only successful payments are counting.

1 .Paypal credentials at the Network level can be added in NetworkIntegrationsBillingPaypal

        *Payments made will Paypal will be set to pending until an off-line process will verify the status with Paypal. This generally takes about one minute.*

Please note:

You have to generate an clientId/clientSecret with the `Paypal Payouts` system
This is the document you will need to use.

- A network notification is sent to employees when an invoice is created and when a payment is executed. Both email and in-app notifications can be enabled or disabled.
- An affiliate notification is sent to affiliate users when a payment is executed in their account

Affiliate Billing Info

Affiliates can input their billing information from their own login. In order to allow them to do this you need to first allow it in their platform:

Step #1

Go to Network > Settings > Global Settings > Edit > Turn "Allow Affiliates to update their billing information" to "On"

Now they can update/view their billing information in the affiliate UI by going to Company > Settings

*IMPORTANT* Please note that when this is not allowed in the affiliate UI they will still be able to see it, they just won't be able to edit it within their Affiliate UI

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