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Setting up an Affiliate Event Postback

This tutorial will demonstrate how to setup an affiliate postback on a specific event. 

Step #1

Go to Affiliates > Postbacks > Post Conversion Tab > Add Postback 

Step #2

Select "Specific" and then select the offer and affiliate you would like to add the postback to. 

Step #3

A dropdown will appear called "Event". Please select the event you would like to apply the postback. 

Please note that this dropdown will not appear if the offer does not have any events added to it already.

Step #4

Please select HTML when using a cookie based postback url. This is an image pixel, iframe, or javascript tag. Please note that this will not work unless you have the same setup with your advertiser. 

Please select Server Postback when using a server 2 server tracking url. This normally just looks like a url and isn't surrounded by any code. 

Step #5

When you are done adding click Add

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