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Click To Conversion Time Report Overview

The Click to Conversion Time report or previously known as the  MTTI report will show you the amount of time between the initial click and the conversion/install. 

This report is calculated using the initial click session timestamp and the conversion timestamp. It is useful in identifying possible fraudulent sources. Please note that conversion in this report will include Rejected conversions due to look back window time frames. 

Here is our video covering this feature, and you can read below for more details:

Here is how it works.

Step #1

Go to Reporting > Click to Conversion Time

Step #2

Select the timeframe and any filters and Settings and click "Run Report"

Step #3

At this point you will be taken to the report screen. You can adjust the times on the graph and on the raw data below by clicking the drop down that says "seconds"

Step #4

If you click on the offer name you can see more data on that specific offer

Step #5

You can add additional columns as well including sub1-5 values.

Step #6

You can then actually block sources that seem to be fraudulent by going to Affiliates > Traffic blocking. Once you block a source there all clicks they send will be sent to a dead page.

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