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How to Edit Network Settings

Go to Network > Settings


You can copy and paste your global postback url at the bottom of this page. You can also see your network logins and affiliate sign up page. In order to add or edit your logo or favicon please click "edit"  


You can set your address that will be displayed in your Invoices here, under Billing Address. Please see this page to find out more about invoices CLICK HERE.


You can see your different domains on this page. If you would like to add or change these domains please contact

To add a new tracking domain to an offer, it must be done at the offer level. Please see this page for more help there: CLICK HERE

Blacklist IPs

You can blacklist IPs on the network level here. 

Affiliate Portal

This section is where you can edit the affiliate signup page and confirmation page. 

UI Customization

You can customize how the UI looks from this tab, for more information on that please click here

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