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Having the advertiser postback timestamp data

Posting timestamp data back to Everflow from the advertiser can be important to tell when the conversion happened. 

If the advertiser sends the timestamp in the postback url then Everflow can correctly attribute the conversion back to the actual time it happened versus attributing it back to the time that the postback was fired from the advertiser. 

This is also important because it will make the Mean Time to Conversion reporting much more accurate, for more information on the Mean Time to Conversion report please click here

To find how to implement this timestamp please refer to the any offer page in the conversion postback section:

Step #1

Get the global postback url by going to Network > Settings > then copy the Global Postback URL at the bottom of the page:

Step #2

Add this to the end of the postback url:


Here is an example of how it should look now:


Step #3

Send this new postback to the advertiser with these instructions:

"Please replace 'TIMESTAMP' with the UNIX timestamp that corresponds with each conversion that you pass back to us, please replace 'TRANSACTION_ID' with the click ID we are sending you in the tracking link you generated for us."

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