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Setting up Pre-Pop for an Advertiser

Pre-pop is when you take data from the traffic source and pass it seamlessly through to the advertiser and have them pre-populate it on their offer page or landing page. 

Here is how to set that up with Everflow.

Step #1

Identify where the advertiser wants you to send data in the destination url. They should have specific places for you to send things like first name, last name, email, etc...

An example of a destination url from an advertiser with specific spots it in for that data would be this:

Step #2

You now need to insert macros where the affiliates will be sending these values in their tracking links. Everflow allows you to make up your own macros for this use case. 

Here is an example of the link filled in with made up macros(you can use these macros even though they aren't "supported" everflow macros, it will still work correctly).{fname}&lastname={lname}&email={email}

Step #3

Now you need to map these macros as parameters in the affiliate's tracking link. Here is an example of how they need to be mapped:


Here is what the final link will look like:

Step #4

Send that link to the affiliate and tell them to replace the bold font with the correct macro on their end to fill that value. 

Note: If you want to automatically allow affiliate/partner tracking links to include Pre-Pop data for automatically inserting into base destination URl, you can enable the below global setting. Navigate to ControlCentre>Configuration>GlobalSettings and enable the toggle to 'on'


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