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Appsflyer Integration

Here is a link to our everflow Macros:

Also, please feel free to use this article:

Here is how to setup the event postback and install postback:


Event 1:$$click(goalid_1)&transaction_id=$$click(clickid)
Event 2:$$click(goalid_2)&transaction_id=$$click(clickid)
Event 3:$$click(goalid_3)&transaction_id=$$click(clickid)

We just need to remember to append these to the appsflyer tracking links when we are passing events to them


Please keep in mind that if the advertiser changes these goal_ids on their side we will need to reflect them in the tracking links on the Everflow side as well. 

It is important to note that if you are adding a second postback into your appsflyer account you must add this macro to the appsflyer destination urls: &af_additionalpostback=1

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