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TUNE Integration

Here is how the macros should be mapped:

iOS IFA                                    {idfa}                    

Google AD ID                         {google_aid}

Device ID (Android Only)      {android_id}

Android ID                              {android_id}

Reference ID/Click ID            {transaction_id}

Publisher                                {affiliate_id}

Site                                         {sub1}

Campaign ID                          {offer_id}

Campaign Name                   {offer_name}

Adgroup                                {sub2}

Ad / Creative Name              {creative_name}

Cost                                      Static Value

Cost Model                           Static Value

Keyword                               {sub3}

Fraud Reason Code            {traffic_flag_reason_code}

Fraud Flag                            {traffic_flag_status}

Install postback: https://XXXXXXXXX.com/?nid=XXX&transaction_id={publisher_ref_id}

Registration postback: https://XXXXXXXXXX.com/?nid=XXX&event={publisher_sub1}&transaction_id={publisher_ref_id}

Purchase postback: https://XXXXXXXXXX..com/?nid=XXX&event={publisher_sub2}&transaction_id={publisher_ref_id}

Event postback: https://XXXXXXXXXX.com/?nid=XXX&event={publisher_sub3}&transaction_id={publisher_ref_id}

Fraud postback: https://XXXXXXXXXX.servecvr.com/?nid=XXX&event={publisher_sub3}&transaction_id={publisher_ref_id}&fraud_code={traffic_flag_reason_code}&fraud_flag={traffic_flag_status}

Please add a "publisher_sub1", "publisher_sub2", or "publisher_sub3" to your TUNE tracking links and pass the different events. Here is how I mapped them:

&publisher_sub1= Registration event ID
&publisher_sub2= Purchase event ID
&publisher_sub3= Event event ID

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