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Singular(Apsalar) Integration

Please see attached doc. Fill out all info in yellow and send to them at

Also, don't forget to put your postback urls here:

Here is also an in depth look at the macro mapping between Singular and Everflow:

PCNCampaignCampaign Name{offer_name}
PCIDCampaignCampaign ID{offer_id}
PSCNSub CampaignSub Campaign Name{sub2}
PSCIDSub CampaignSub Campaign ID{sub1}
PCRNCreativeCreative Name{creative_name}
PCRIDCreativeCreative ID{creative_id}
PHSIDPublisherHashed Publisher (app) ID{sub3}
PSNPublisherPublisher (app) Name
PSIDPublisherPublisher (app) ID
PAFFNAffiliateAffiliate Name
PAFFIDAffiliateAffiliate ID{affiliate_id}
KW_MATCHKeywordKeyword Matched
PCACostCost Amount
PCMCostCost Model - CPI\CPA
PCCCostCost Currency e.g USD
idfaDeviceUnhashed/raw iOS Advertising ID (recommended){idfa}
idfa1DeviceSHA-1 of iOS Advertising ID{idfa_sha1}
idfa5DeviceMD5 of iOS Advertising ID{idfa_md5}
aifaDeviceUnhashed/raw Android Advertising ID (recommended){android_id}
and1DeviceSHA-1 of  Android ID{android_id_sha1}
and5DeviceMD5 of Android ID{android_id_md5}
ipDeviceIP of the device at the time of the click{user_ip}
veDeviceOS version of device (minor OS versions are required when available on the device. E.g. 8.0.1 and not 8.0){device_os_version}
pDeviceDevice platform (required for s2s integrations only){device_platform}
clClickClick or Transaction ID{transaction_id}

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