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Adjust Integration

With Adjust you need to setup the postback url as an encoded url in the tracking link. 

Here is a doc to help you understand how this works:

Here is postback setup tool:

The following is a step-by-step walkthrough how of how to set up an Adjust integration:

Step 1

For MMP integrations, the first step is to have the advertiser relationship in place.

Step 2

For Adjust, you don’t need to do any pre-integration conversions before launch, as you will be building your tracking link & postback link from what the advertisers sends you.

Step 3

Request all offer details, events and the Adjust tracking link from the advertiser. 

Step 4

Create the offer in Everflow - you won’t have the final destination URL yet, but each of the events in everflow must be created in advance.

Example Link:{sub3}_{affiliate_id}&creative={sub2}&idfa={idfa}&gps_adid={google_aid}&ip_address={user_ip}

Event token abcdef = Registration

For completing your destination URL + postback setup, you will need to go to

Step 1

Under 'Enter Links' paste in the link your advertiser sent you

Step 2

Under 'Call Backs'  place in your global postback link

Step 3

For &transaction= make sure you put in the Everflow format of {transaction_id}

Step 4

For normal setups, skip most of these sections, until you reach Events 

Step 5

Under events, there are two steps: 

  • 1) Pop in the Event token the Advertiser sent you

  • 2) Under call back, you will need to put in your Everflow Event Postback URL

    • Go to the Everflow Offer

    • Under conversion postback > select under the Conversion drop down > Select the Event you want to set up

    • Copy that postback link, go to Adjust, and paste that under the Call Back

    • Make sure to update the transaction ID to {transaction_id} so that it matches the Everflow format 

Step 6

Copy the Generated URL - That is going to be the Destination URL in Everflow, and includes all of the necessary details to postback to Everflow

Step 7

Update the Destination URL, pull a tracking link, and test  to confirm everything is working correctly.

Step 8

Once everything is good go, you may consider requesting access to the Advertiser's Adjust reporting dashboard so that you can access fraud/quality data.
Example Screenshots:

That generated link is inserted as your Destination URL, and includes all of the necessary data for send the Base + Event postbacks.

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