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Direct Message

This feature enables you send out personalized emails to affiliates, or other customized recipient groups of your choice. All Direct Messages are sent from this email address: . If you would like to use your own email address you will need to have your own SendGrid integration. For more information please contact 

Here is how it functions. You can find it in Control Center> Direct Message

Step #1

Click on "Recipient Sets" then "Add Recipient Set"

Step #2

Add a group of either advertisers, affiliates/partners or network employees

Step #3

When multiple rules are added to one Group, the rules will have an AND operator. Meaning that the recipients added to the list will need to match every rule within the Group. 

If multiple Groups are added, each group has an OR operator. Meaning that the recipients added to the list will include all emails that match any of the the Groups. 

Step #4

Go to the "Messages" tab and click "New Message"

Step #5

Select the Recipient list and type the email. You can use macros to pull in dynamic data about the users as well. 

Step #6

Now go to the Preview and Send tab. You can preview the email as well as delete recipients from the list. Move them from the left to the right in order to delete them from the email list. 

Step #7

When you are done click "Send" at the bottom right. 

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