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Generating or Updating Conversions with a CSV upload

This feature will let you generate or update conversions with a CSV upload. 

You can find it in the Reporting > Imports. Here is how it works.

Step 1

Go to this section and click the "Import" button on the right side of the screen

Step 2

Once you click the import button it will bring up this screen, please follow the steps below to make sure you format the import correctly.

Step 3

Formatting the Import

There are a few types of conversion imports. You can identify conversions based on conversion id or transaction_id + event_id.
There are two types of operations you can do:
- Update Payout/Revenue + Sale Amount
- Update Conversion Status

Updating payout/revenue and amount

You need to specify the base fields mentioned earlier and the payout, revenue, and sale_amount columns.
*Note that you CANNOT update non-approved conversions.*

You will need to use either of these two column formats:

1 - If you have a list of conversion IDs

conversion_id, payout, revenue, sale_amount

2- If you have a list of transaction IDs

transaction_id, event_id, payout, revenue, sale_amount
  • event_id can be "0" if it is the "base" event. 
  • sale_amount is the amount that is passed back in the postback url for RPS conversions, this can be "0" if you are not passing an amount in the postback url. 


- If we cannot find a conversion for the supplied combo, we will try to create a conversion.

- You can add more columns if you are using the transaction_id + event_id method(not the conversion ID method). 

    Here are the extra columns you can add:

    advertiser_ip, advertiser_referer_url, unix_timestamp, notes, adv1, adv2, adv3, adv4, adv5

The excel sheets should look something like this:




Updating Conversion Status

You need to specify the base fields mentionned earlier and the status field.

It is important to note that when these status' are updated from rejected to active and vice versa that the conversion will not change the original payout and revenue associated to it.

So it will be either one of these two column combinations. These are mandatory.

1 - 

conversion_id, status

2 - 

transaction_id, event_id, status

The excel sheets should look something like this:




- The file must match the provided formatting exactly. Inclusion of spaces or reordering the columns will result in an error message

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