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v2.3 Release Notes (06/19/18)

Features Added

  • Currencies can now be set at the offer, affiliate, or advertiser level Click here
  • New concept of global advertiser pixel Click here
  • Direct Message: new tool that allows networks to communicate with their affiliates, advertisers, and employees via email Click here
  • You can now secure your advertiser postback using the verification token Click here
  • Now support mobile carriers from Philippines Click here
  • Ability to set a custom payout/revenue for the additional events Click here
  • The Everflow T&Cs on the sign up page can be made optional by the network Click here
  • MTTI report can now be exported
  • Affiliates now have access to Dimensional Report Click here
  • Affiliates can now be blocked at the advertiser level Click here
  • New tool to manage documents per affiliate/advertiser Click here
  • New bulk tracking link generator Click here
  • Hour column is now supported under the Flex Report Click here
  • The "Download All" creatives feature is now part of the Affiliate UI Click here
  • We enriched the offer targeting section with a new setting to block proxy traffic Click here
  • Conversions can now be imported a CSV file, allowing you to generate / update conversions Click here
  • The categories are now supported as a reporting filters Click here
  • The look back window settings at the offer level now support a minimum value Click here
  • Scheduled Actions > new action type that allows networks to activate an offer globally or per affiliate(s) Click here
  • Show Category Id when viewing all categories defined via Network > Categories Click here
  • Support IP / Referer under the advertiser postback report
  • Add export feature for reporting in the Affiliate UI Click here
  • Support Delete option in the bulk tracking menu under Offers > Manage Click here
  • When setting up an offer as server postback, we will enforce stricter rules and ignore data coming from the cookies
  • Now exposing high-level network settings under Network > Settings Click here
  • Macros can now be hashed using MD5/SHA1 Click here
  • Coupon code can be passed via the "coupon_code" parameter in the conversion postback Click here
  • New "Does not contain" rule for the offer traffic filter Click here
  • Notifications are now activated by default when adding an affiliate user (if affiliate has notifications enabled)
  • New option to skip the welcome email when creating a new affiliate user Click here

Bug Fixes

  • Show the correct event name when generating a report for the base event
  • Fixed an issue where the dynamic nested report was showing the unix timestamp instead of the date
  • Hide the tracking link card from the affiliate view if the affiliate is not active
  • QR code is now only available under Offers > Tracking Links card
  • Increased number of elements being displayed in a card in the dimensional report
  • Fixed an issue where "https://" was missing when sending out an email to affiliates that contained a link to a the portal

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