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Error Code Reference Guide - Clicks

Error messageReasonCode
INVALID_OVER_TTLOffer is expired, "Offer is expired"1
INVALID_OVER_OFFER_CAPOver Offer Cap, "Over offer caps"2
INVALID_OVER_OFFER_GROUP_CAPOver Offer Group Cap, "Over offer group caps"3
INVALID_PLATFORMPlatform, "Offer not targeting incoming device platform"4
INVALID_DEVICE_TYPEDevice Type, "Offer not targeting incoming device type"5
INVALID_BROWSER"Browser"Offer not targeting incoming device browser6
INVALID_OS_VERSIONOS Version, "Offer not targeting incoming device os version"7
INVALID_BROWSER_LANGUAGEBrowser Language, "Offer not targeting device language8
INVALID_COUNTRYOffer not targeting user country9
INVALID_REGIONRegion, "Offer not targeting user region"10
INVALID_CITY"City", "Offer not targeting user city11
INVALID_DMADMA, "Offer not targeting user dma"12
INVALID_IP_RANGE"Invalid IP Range", "User IP not included in IP ranges"13
BLOCKED_TRAFFIC"Blocked by traffic blocking"14
BLOCKED_IP_RANGEBlocked IP Range, "User IP is being blocked"15
INVALID_ISPISP, "Offer not targeting user ISP"16
INVALID_DAY_PARTINGDay Parting, "Click occurred in an invalid day parting period"17
INVALID_CONNECTION_TYPEConnection Type, "Offer not targeting user's connection type"18
INVALID_CARRIERMobile Carrier, "Offer not targeting user's mobile carrier"19
SMART_LINK_NO_MATCHING_OFFERSNo offers matching in smart link, "No offers in the smart link target the user"20
DUPLICATE_CLICKDuplicate Click, "Duplicate click with duplicate filter enabled"21
PROXY_BLOCK        Click was blocked by the proxy block set on the offer level23
BLOCKED_TRAFFIC_CONTROL        "Blocked by traffic control"24
BLOCKED_TRAFFIC_CONSTRAINT        "Blocked by traffic constraint"25

FILTER_SUB_1"Sub 1 Filter", "Sub 1 value filtered"101
FILTER_SUB_2Sub 2 Filter, "Sub 2 value filtered"102
FILTER_SUB_3Sub 3 Filter, "Sub 3 value filtered"103
FILTER_SUB_4Sub 4 Filter", "Sub 4 value filtered104
FILTER_SUB_5Sub 5 Filter, "Sub 5 value filtered"105
FILTER_SOURCE_IDSource ID Filter, "Source ID value filtered"106
FILTER_USER_AGENT"User Agent Filter", "User Agent value filtered"107
FILTER_REFERERReferer Filter, "Referer value filtered"108
FILTER_IDFA"IDFA Filter", "IDFA value filtered"109
FILTER_GOOGLE_AIDGoogle Advertiser ID Filter, "Google Advertiser ID value filtered"110

AFFILIATE_PARAMETER_INVALIDInvalid Affiliate Parameter, "The affiliate parameter was missing (or malformed) from the click request (invalid URL)"1001
AFFILIATE_NOT_FOUND"Affiliate Not Found", "The affiliate was not found"1002
AFFILIATE_INACTIVEAffiliate Inactive, "The affiliate's account is inactive"1003
AFFILIATE_NOT_APPROVEDAffiliate Not Approved, "The affiliate was not approved to run the offer"1004
AFFILIATE_BLOCKED"Affiliate Blocked", "The affiliate is blocked1005
OFFER_PARAMETER_INVALID"Offer Parameter", "The offer parameter was missing (or malformed) from the click request (invalid URL)"1006
OFFER_NOT_FOUND"Offer Not Found", "The offer was not found"1007
OFFER_INACTIVEOffer Inactive, "The offer is inactive"1008
OFFER_GROUP_NOT_FOUNDOffer Group Not Found, "The offer group was not found"1009
ADVERTISER_NOT_FOUNDAdvertiser Not Found, "The advertiser was not found"1010
ADVERTISER_INACTIVE"Advertiser Inactive", "The advertiser is inactive"1011
ADVERTISER_BLOCKEDAdvertiser Blocked, "The advertiser is blocked",1012
SMART_LINK_PARAMETER_INVALIDSmart Link Parameter, "The Smart Link parameter was missing (or malformed) from the click request (invalid URL)"1013
SMART_LINK_NOT_FOUNDSmart Link Not Found, "The smart link was not found"1014
SMART_LINK_INACTIVESmart Link Inactive, "The smart link is inactive"1015
FORENSIQ_OVER_THRESHOLD"Forensiq over threshold", "Forensiq fraud check has returned a value over threshold for the click"1016
AFFILIATE_BLACKLISTED_ADVAffiliate is blacklisted at the advertiser level

ANURA_FRAUD_CHECKAnura fraud check1018

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