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Server Side Clicks

*IMPORTANT* When using server side clicks all targeting or capping set on the offer will be void. 

*IMPORTANT*Server side clicks are meant for our system to simply fire a click to the advertiser without redirecting. Using this function when there are many redirects in the click path will break it and risk the user being shown a dead page. 

How server side clicks work is basically instead of redirecting the user to the advertiser's destination url, we have the option of taking the user directly to the offer page itself and then firing the advertiser's destination url with our server itself.

The benefits to doing this are better user experience, faster redirects, and less click drop. 

You can find the server side click feature in the "Attribution" tab within Offers > Manage > Click the offer > edit.

Step #1

Insert the advertisers tracking url here:

You need to put the advertiser's destination url here, including any macros and parameters you need to pass to them. 

Step #2

Then you will setup a link to the direct offer page in the General section where it says "Base Destination URL"

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