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Attribution Settings Page

You can find this page when editing or adding an offer. Please go to the Attribution tab.

There are many things on this page that can be confusing, this article will break down each one of them.

1. Manually Approve Conversions

When this is enabled it will send ALL conversions into "pending" which means that they will not be seen by the affiliate at all. Then you will have to go in to Reporting > Conversion in order to manually approve them. Please make sure to select "Pending" from the drop down menu next to export when you run that report in order to see the pending conversions. 

2. Enable Look Back Window

Please click here to see more info on that

3. Enable View Through

Please click here for more info on that.

4. Enable Server Side Click

Please click here for more info on that

5. Allow Duplicate Conversions

If this is enabled it will allow all conversions that have the same click ID through. If it is not enabled conversions with the same click ID will be rejected(You can see a report of these in Reporting > Conversion

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