v2.3.1 Release Notes (07/12/18) : Helpdesk

v2.3.1 Release Notes (07/12/18)

Features Added

  • Email templates are now configurable under Network > Settings Click here
  • Affiliates now have access to the Flex / Dynamic nested reports, available in the new Analytics menu section Click here
  • Video files are now supported under creative Click here
  • You can now schedule caps changes for the offer group via the scheduled actions Click here
  • Now integrated with Anura, a fraud detection provider Click here
  • Advertiser postback can now be exported Click here
  • We now support IPv6 when defining API IPs whitelist for affiliates Click here
  • These following invalid clicks are now excluded from the billable total clicks: unapproved affiliate, blocked affiliate, inactive affiliate, global IP blacklist. These non billable clicks will later be accessible via the network UI under Network > Usage

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a race condition where the wrong custom payout/revenue was applied if two entries were defined for the same offer/affiliate. The system now sorts the entries from the most granular to the less granular
  • The Stats card are now working properly, changing the dates was previously broken
  • New explicit warning in the UI when affiliates having a pending application are now added to the visible bucket inside an offer requiring approval
  • Fixed an issue where the Error column was there twice in the clicks report
  • Various layout improvements

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