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Getting Started - Offer Setup Overview

The Getting Started Guide will walk you through the basic steps of setting up and offer, a new advertiser, an affiliate, and fetching a tracking link.

How To Set Up an Offer
Start by going to the dashboard and clicking Offers > Add
Adding an Offer is broken into six different steps: General, Revenue & Payout, Tracking & Controls, Attribution, Targeting, Fail Traffic, and Files
Under General
Name the offer
Select a status
You can choose from Active, Paused, and Pending

Active means the offer is up and running, paused means the offer has been approved but is not currently running.

Pending means that the offer has yet to be approved 

Select an advertiser, or add a new one

You can also add an advertiser by navigating to the dashboard and clicking Advertisers > Add 

Select category and currency
Enter destination URL w sub IDs, for more info on setting up advertiser tracking click here

If you choose to enable Expires please note that the offer will be set to Inactive at 12AM on the date you have selected. 

Then click continue to move onto Revenue & Payout

Under Revenue & Payout
Revenue & Payout explain the various revenue and payout schemes that can be chosen
Select a base revenue type (RPA, RPA+RPS, RPC, RPS) for more information on this click here
You can also add an event by clicking “Add Event” for more info on this click here
It will ask you to name the event, ask if it’s private, and then ask for payout & revenue schemes
Click add when finished
Click continue to move on to Tracking & Controls

Tracking & Controls
Here you can select the specific tracking domain, the conversion method, force SSL, and support deep links
You can select/search other tracking domains by clicking this dropdown

Select a conversion method, there are seven: Cookie based, HTTP Iframe pixel, HTTP Image pixel, HTTPS Iframe pixel, HTTPS Image pixel, Javascript, and server postback

Turning on Force SSL will enable a Secure Sockets Layer, which provide added security over a computer network, you can only do this if you have a SSL implemented.
You can enable Deep Links
You can also enable Caps and Controls, which allow you to set limits on traffic and set specifications
You must also set a session definition (Cookie, IP address, IP address + User Agent) and a session duration for more about this click here
Click continue when finished

Under Attribution

Everything in attribution is not mandatory. They are added things that will give you more options. 

Manually Approve Conversions

When this is enabled it will send ALL conversions into "pending" which means that they will not be seen by the affiliate at all. Then you will have to go in to Reporting > Conversion in order to manually approve them. Please make sure to select "Pending" from the drop down menu next to export when you run that report in order to see the pending conversions. 

Allow Duplicate Conversions 

If this is enabled it will allow all conversions that have the same click ID through. If it is not enabled conversions with the same click ID will be rejected(You can see a report of these in Reporting > Conversion
Enable Click Lookback Window click here for more details
Enable View-Through click here for more details
Enable Server-Side Click click here for more details

Under Targeting
Targeting allows you to filter which users you would like to see the offer based on device characteristics and geolocation
You can filter users based on specifics like platform, device type, and browser or country, region, and city
You can apply both types of filters simultaneously

Connection - you can select the connection type that you want to allow here.

IP Ranges - You can exclude or include IPs or IP ranges

Proxy - turning this on will block all proxy traffic from the digital element databases.

Traffic Filtering - You can filter traffic based off of what is being passed in the sub values or a number of other things click the drop down to see the list. You can also whitelist here by click "Does not contain"

Day Parting - you can select what time of the day you would like to allow the offer to be shown.
Click continue when finished

Under Fail Traffic
Enabling fail traffic allows for you to add redirects
Once added, select an offer and add rules
Click continue when finished

Under Files
The Files section allows you to add these types:

You can add a creative by clicking add creative. Note: There is a 20MB size limit

Adding an Affiliate
From the dashboard, click Affiliates > Add
Name the affiliate, select an account manager, and select a status
All other sections are optional
Click add when finished

Fetching a Tracking Link
To create a tracking link, click the dashboard and scroll down
Select an offer, an affiliate, fill in the parameters as needed, and the tracking link will appear below
You can copy the tracking link by clicking the double box icon to the top right of the tracking link
Now the tracking link has been copied to you clipboard

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