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Custom Landing Pages

Custom landing pages allow you to set a private landing page for a specific affiliate and offer. This landing page will override any Offer URLs as well as the Base Destination URL set at the offer level.

This means if an affiliate falls into any of the rules set on Custom Landing Pages they will be directed into the new landing page instead of the offer destination url. 

Step 1

Click on Offers > Manage > select the offer > Custom settings tab (at the top of the page) > Custom Landing Pages

Step 2

Add in all mandatory information. In this section you can select one affiliate or all affiliates.

You can also apply this landing page for only specific sub values. 

Step 3

Targeting section is next. There you can select geolocation and device targeting to whitelist or blacklist as well as connection type, IP, proxy, and day parting. 

If the affiliate sends traffic to the link, and it falls within these rules the user will be taken to the Custom Landing Page instead of the offer destination url. 

Step 4

The landing page section is next. This is where you actually input the landing page. Please note that you can append Everflow macros to this landing page.

Step 4A (Optional) - If Affiliate should be credited for conversion and payout of Custom Landing Page. 

Copy the Base Destination URL from the offer within Everflow that you would like to redirect the users. 

Paste in the Base Destination URL field within Custom settings on the "Landing Page" step. 

Add /{affiliate_encoded_id}/ to the end of the URL. This will ensure that the conversion is tracked back to the affiliate.  Example:{transaction_id}/{affiliate_encoded_id}/

*Affiliate will need to be approved for the offer of the Base Destination URL. 

Step 5

Click on Add when you are finished. 



If an affiliate falls into the rules for two custom landing pages the more specific one will be the one used.

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