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Bulk Editing your Offers

This feature allows you to edit multiple Offers at once without having to go into each Offer page.

Step 1

Go to Offers > Manage

Step 2

Click on the "Bulk Edit" button on the top right

Step 3

Select which Offers you would like to edit. Click on an Offer to move it from the “Available” box (left) to the “Selected” box (right). You may also "Select All". 

Pro-tip: You can also search for Offers using the search bar, as well as filter available Offers by status, label(s) or Advertiser(s). Click on the funnel icon to the right of the Offers search bar to show the filters.


Step 4

Select which field you would like to edit. 

Please Note: If the “Action” dropdown on the right does not appear, giving you the option to Append, Delete or Overwrite, your changes will overwrite existing settings. 

Step 5

You may edit more than one field. Click “Continue” to preview the changes when you are done. 

Step 6

The preview page will display a table of Offers and the changes to be applied, including current and changed values. Make sure to review this before clicking on “Save”. You can still go back to the previous tab to make any changes before saving the edit. 

*Important Note on Caps*

Please Note: In Bulk Edit, if any of the offers being updated does not have caps enabled, you must “Enable Caps” prior to setting a cap value. Otherwise, the cap changes made to the Offers will not be saved. Both of these operations can be done in the same edit. 

In the preview below, you can see that Offer 707 will have caps enabled and 50 daily conversion cap applied upon saving the edit, while Offer 35, which already had cap enabled and a daily conversion cap of 100, will only have the daily conversion cap updated. 

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