Media buying cost may be passed in the tracking link : Helpdesk

Media buying cost may be passed in the tracking link

Include the media buying cost (or publisher/partner payout) in the tracking link for clicks & impressions.

The value following  " &cost= " (which is appended to the end of the link), IS VISIBLE to all parties including partners, and overrides the base payout. For this reason, these links should be used with caution after considering all possible scenarios. 


When enabled at the network level, running the following link would automatically replace the offer level base payout of the click/impression with $0.50. 

http:/ /

PRO TIPTo use with Impression Tracking links, enter the actual cost per each impression (CPM) after ' &cost= '

This is NOT enabled by default in your account, and must be enabled at the network level. Please note that the ' &cost= ' parameter can be added to any link running once the feature is enabled.

Enable Media Cost / Dynamic Payouts on selected Partners

If the network level configuration is turned ON, then the network can disable the feature at the partner level. If the global configuration for media cost is turned OFF, then the configuration at the partner level will not be affected. To manage, navigate to Partner > Manage > Edit Partner > General > Enable Media Cost.

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