v2.3.2 Release Notes (09/06/18) : Helpdesk

v2.3.2 Release Notes (09/06/18)

Features added:

Release Fixes:

  • Layout issue with the custom caps
  • Made sure there's a visual warning in the dynamic nested report when the maximum number of rows is displayed in the UI
  • Improved responsiveness of the dimensional report by allowing the user to select the maximum number of results shown in a card
  • Fixed a layout issue where an invoice with many line items wouldn't be displayed properly
  • Added missing Impressions / CRT as metrics on the dashboard
  • In the Flex report, all invalid clicks are part of the export CSV/JSON files
  • Fixed an issue with the Set as Primary feature of the tracking / conversion domains
  • Fixed an issue where an asset file with the same name couldn't be uploaded twice

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