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Everflow Primer on the ITP 2.0 Changes

We've updated our Primer for the new ITP 2.2 changes - [Read about them here]

What is Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0 (ITP) change? 

Apple is rolling out a new way that it will handle Cookie tracking in Safari, which makes up ~17% of web traffic. The new method greatly restricts cookie-based tracking - forcing advertisers to adjust their promotion methods away from cookie tracking. ITP 2.0 is set to go live at the end of September 2018, so it’s coming up quick.

What does this mean for me?

Great question! Depends on your current setup:

If you’re currently using an S2S setup (IE using Postbacks):  There should be no impact for you, since you’re not using cookies for tracking.

If you’re using a cookie-based system: Cookie-based tracking links and conversion pixels are the standard setup for traditional desktop affiliate programs.  If you, or your advertisers have this setup, here is what you should know:

  • The best solution is to have your advertisers switch from Cookie to S2S tracking.  

    The exact process for an advertiser to switch from Cookie to S2S is completely dependent on their backend platform setup. We recommend starting a conversation with your Advertisers about ITP 2.0, the expected drop in performance, and why they should transition to a S2S tracking format. S2S is more robust and reliable as a tracking solution, therefore you should see higher tracked conversions after moving to S2S.
  • Once they have S2S, you can also implement Clickless Coupon Tracking

    This should be considered an additional tracking method to be used in addition to click tracking, since you’ll experience some leakages with this setup. Once set up, whenever your traffic uses your promo code, the advertisers system will detect that the promo code matches to your account, and then postback the successful conversion.

    You can learn more about how to set this up here - [Clickless Coupon Overview]

Not Recommended Option: Everflow Direct Advertiser > Direct Placement (Cookie Tracking)

ITP does allow cookie tracking in the following situation: Running a direct advertiser’s tracking link from their own domain, which links directly to a publisher’s website. For any publishers managing multiple inventory placements, such as networks, as soon as it goes through their third party tracker this would disrupt the cookie tracking.

Everflow is able to set this up for the advertisers on the client on request.  Everflow would set up a sub-domain like campaigns.Acme.com, which could then be run for redirecting directly to a publisher’s website.

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