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Getting Started ~ Advertiser UI

This article covers generally how to navigate from an advertisers user's login view within Everflow. A network and affiliate view will be quite different. 


This screen will give you an overview of the offers that are currently live. You will be able to see Cost, Clicks, Conversions, CVR, Events, and EVR(event conversion rate). You will also be able to see some performance graphs below these metric boxes at the top. 


On this page you can see a list of all your offers. You can use the filters at the top to sort and find specific offers using the search bar at the top right. 


    Offer - Here is where you can see a top level view of the traffic and conversions generated for a list of offers. Please select the timeframe at the top left, and then you can filter by specific offers as well by clicking the filter button. This will also show you                      which offers are active and which aren't. The red are paused, green are active, and yellow are pending(basically the same as paused):

After you run the report you can add or subtract metrics from the reporting columns by clicking the Metrics button and export the report as well.

If you choose to "Copy Link to Report" at the top right that will allow you to send the report to another person with the same login or same access as you to the platform.

Settings at the top right will allow you to change the report's timezone and reporting currency. 

You can see a more detailed breakdown of data if you click the offer name. It will then take you to a drill down report where you can add even more metrics to the report to show you things like carrier, handset, device, as well as affiliate ID's if that data is open to view(the network must open it for you, please reach out to your client to ask them to open it). 

Add "Columns" 

    Daily - This report shows you the same data and has the same flexibility as the offer report, except its broken down by daily numbers. 

    Conversion - This report shows you a line item view of each conversion. You can also see event names in this report. After you run this report in order to see the event name please go to "Columns" and select "Event Name" and then hit            "apply. 


    My Account - Here is where you can add in company details as well as change your password. 

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