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Intro to EXC Feeds

EverXChange is Everflow's proprietary self-serve API integration solution and includes both a Marketplace and Feeds section. Feeds allows you full control over adding and customizing your integrations with demand partners. There are two subsections under Feeds: Manage & Add

Under Manage you will be able to do the following

  • Filter your results by Advertiser, Sync Frequency or Platform

  • View a Summary of integrations, the current day's synced offers & your monthly synced offers

  • You may add & sort columns. You may also select existing integrations in order to change their status: Set to Active, Set to Inactive, Set as Inactive & Deactivate Offers

  • Toggle: View, Edit, Deactivate, Sync Now. Editing will allow you to go back and make changes to any fields in a setting that's previously been created. Sync Now will update all offers with the saved changes made in the Edit view. If Sync Now is not implemented after saved changes, only future offers will be updated. 
  • Add a new integration using the "+Add Integration" button in the top right corner

  • Once you've selected an integration to view, you will see a full overview of the integration and its settings. You may also choose to view a complete list of offers that were derived from your integration

Under Add you will be able to do the following

After you've chosen from supported Everflow Partners or by the Platform your demand partner uses, you must follow all required steps. 

Step 1 - Integration

  • Choose an integration name, a Default Advertiser, the Status of the integration, your desired Synchronization Frequency (how often Everflow makes a call to the partner's platform to pull in data and sync it with existing data), a Logo, and enter your API Key. Without an API key, supplied to you by your advertiser partner, you will NOT have access to continue with the integration.

Step 2 - Remote Offers

  • Select the Countries, the Platforms, the Regions and Cities than you wish to add offers for
  • Set your minimum payout. No offers will be added that are lower than this amount
  • Offer Inclusions and Exclusions. Offers entered here will be added or excluded either in addition to your filters, or in place of filters. To pull ONLY the offers you've manually entered the IDs of, please check "Included Offer IDs Override Other Filters"
  • Once you click the "Fetch Offers" button you will then be able to pick and choose which offers you want to bring into your Everflow UI. When you are done and have all the offers you want click "Save"

Step 3 - Offer Settings

  • Here you will choose a Default Category for all offers, the Status the offers will be set to upon first entering your system, and how you would like the base destination URL formatted. Please add all additional tracking parameters necessary in the text box. 
  • You will then be asked to add all of your desired Tracking & Controls, Attribution, Targeting and Fail Traffic settings

Step 4 - Affiliate Settings

  • Select the default visibility of the offers coming into the system
  • Define what percentage of your revenue, that you would like to us as your payout
  • Allow only designated Affiliates to access to your Advertiser's offers

Step 5 - Controls

  • Dynamic Caps - For every individual cap (eg. daily conversion), if the remote platform sets one, use it, if the remote platform doesn't provide one, lock the field.(if this is green)
  • Define the maximum number of offer creative that should be pulled into your Everflow account
  • Remote Update, this is a toggle to set if the offer is to be set to synched, if this is red, then the offer will not be updated after the initial import.
  • If the offer is coming from a certain Category in your Advertiser's system, you may choose to have that applied to your offer as a label
  • If you would like a specific prefix added to the description of the offers coming into your platform, enter it in the text box
  • Field Locking gives you the opportunity to decide whether or not an offer can be amended during future syncs, or whether it should keep the same information indefinitely
  • Word Exclusions offer you the ability to list words found in your Advertisers' offers, that you do not wish to have in your offers, and strip them from the Title & Url

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