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Fire Affiliate Postback Toggle

This article will show you how to disable the postback, and prevent it from firing on a base or additional event. 

*Please note that even if you toggle the "Fire Affiliate Postback" to red for the base conversion, the affiliate will still be able to see the conversion in their UI as the base conversion can never be "Private".*

Step 1

Please go to Offers > Manage > select the offer > edit > Revenue & Payout tab

Step 2

Here you will see a toggle called "Fire Affiliate Postback". The word affiliate would change if you have changed it in your UI as well, in this case it is called "Partner". 

The default will be "green". If you turn this to "red" you will stop the affiliate's postback from being fired to their platform. They will still see the base conversion in their Eveflow login

Step 3

If you would like to set this on the event, please click the three dots and then click "Edit" next to the event:

Step 4

Then if the event is not private(public), it will give you the option to fire the affiliate's postback or not. 

Step 5

If you would like to set this up for just one affiliate and not leave it on at the offer level you can do that in "Custom Settings" Tab on the offer page. This is in the "Custom Revenue & Payout" Section. 

Step 6

Please then select all the custom settings(If you would like to override the whole offer please make sure to not put on any additional targeting, please leave that blank. Just select the affiliate and offer and Event. 

Step 7

If you would like them to have the same revenue and payout as the offer please just select the same revenue and payout. 

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