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v2.3.3 Release Notes (10/25/18)

Features added:

  • Fire Affiliate Postback toggle for Base and Event conversions. All Conversions can now be set to fire the affiliate postback or not. This will allow the Base conversion to not fire the Affiliate postback, while still firing an Affiliate postback for an Event. This can also be done per affiliate using the Custom Revenue and Payout settings. - [Learn More about this Here]
  • Dimensional Report Graphs. Updated to show dots per Time Interval which accurately displays the data.
  • Offer Status Data Included in Reporting. In the Flex report you can select Offer Status as a column.[Learn More about this Here]
  •  Pass Campaign ID in Network API.
  • Saved Report now includes Time Intervals. With this new pull down you can save time by selecting the time interval of the report, which will automatically based off the current date, not the date the report was saved. [Learn More about this Here]
  •  ISP Targeting. This is now available on the offer level.[Learn More about this Here]

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