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Posting Conversions from Everflow to Facebook using iframe/script

This article will explain how to post conversions from Everflow to your Facebook account if you or an affiliate is buying media there. 

*IMPORTANT* It is important to note that this will only work if the advertiser can place our javascript tag or iframe on their website between the body.

Setting up the offer

First thing you need to do is create an offer, on how to do that place click here:

Please make sure you set the conversion method in the offer to "Cookie based" and enable "Force SSL" on the Tracking & Controls tab here:

Implementing the Javascript or an iframe on the advertiser's page

After you create the offer please go down to the bottom of the page in the "Conversion Postback" section and grab the javascript and send to the advertiser and have them implement this on their page somewhere in the "body"

*IMPORTANT* When you are placing this pixel, please make sure that the script.src = domain is the same domain that you are using for your affiliate tracking links. 

*PLEASE NOTE* You can use an iframe or javascript tag when posting from the Advertiser's page to Everflow. You can also use any version w/ Transaction ID as well. If no transaction ID is passed it will just default to the cookie anyway. This is not required if the offer has Direct Linking enabled. 

Generating and placing the Facebook Pixel

Step #1

Login to your facebook business account

Step #2

Click the three bars on the left side of the screen and go to "Pixels"

Step #3

Click on "Facebook pixel: Track website activities"

Step #4

Click "Create"

Step #5

Click on "Manually install the code yourself"

Step #6

Copy the pixel code to your clipboad

Step #7

Go to Affiliates > Postbacks > Add > then select the specific offer and specific affiliate you want to place this code for:

Step #8

Click Save

Step #9

To test to make sure the pixel is working correctly please first go to the Offers > Manage > click on the offer > tracking links > test tracking links  and grab the test tracking link here:

Step #10

Copy and paste that test tracking link here in facebook then click "Send Test Traffic":

Step #11

Once you have done that it will open up another page, then go through the whole flow and complete a conversion.

Step #12

Be patient now and wait for Facebook to record a conversion on their end. It could sometimes take up to 15-20 minutes the first time. 

If you have any more issues with this please reach out to Everflow at

Here is a video as well to help you. It shows a test conversion coming into Everflow and being passed to facebook:

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