v2.3.4 Release Notes (11/26/18) : Helpdesk

v2.3.4 Release Notes (11/26/18)

Features added:

  • Bulk Tracking Link Generator now include additional URLs. Network UI and Affiliate UI have the capability to download all tracking links, including all additional URLs [Click here for more details]
  • EverXChange Summary now includes Total Offers Pulled. This is the amount of offers pulled via EXC that have a status of Pending, Paused or Active. Free tier is up to 25,000 none Deleted offers pulled over to the next month total. 
  • Filters are now available on the Scheduled actions, Offer Applications, and Invoices pages. 
  • Notification Emails will now include what was updated [Click here for more details]
  • Text Creative Type is now available [Click here for more details]
  • Affiliates can input their billing information in the affiliate UI [Click here for more details]
  • Ability to generate tracking links from the Affiliate > Visibility > View [Click here for more details]
  • HTML and Email creative can now be downloaded as a txt file [Click here for more details]
  • On the Advertiser level, you may now use one postback for the same event across multiple offers [Click here for more details]

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