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Advertiser Level Events

You now have the option to create a global Event that can be applied across multiple offers from the same Advertiser. Using a ride sharing example, this means that you can create a single Event for "First Ride" and apply it to multiple different offers from that particular Advertiser. 

Step 1.

Navigate to Advertiser > Manage > Select the Advertiser > In the tabs along the top of the General View, you will see a section for Events

Step 2.

Once you have opened that screen, you will see a button in the top right to "Add Event"

Step 3.

Name your event and press "Add" in the bottom right to continue

Step 4.

Once you have added your Advertiser level events, you may go back and edit your offers in the main view using the three dots on the far right. To use your Advertiser level Event, proceed to an existing offer, or create a new offer, and add an Event as you would have previously. You will now notice that in the Add view, there is a check box to "Use Advertiser Event". You must name the event, and then you may select your previously created event from that drop down and apply it to the current offer, using any rates and privacy settings you choose.

Your event will then be listed on the Revenue & Payout page. You must save the Revenue & Payout page settings

Step 4.

Select your Postback in the dropdown on the offer page. 

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