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Catch all offer in Campaigns

You have the ability to set a catch all offer in campaigns. This feature allows you to define an offer to send traffic if the traffic does not meet the targeting requirements of the offers within the campaign.

The catch all offer can be activated by clicking the checkbox within the campaign setup screen. 

Here is how the click flow works:

Step #1

User clicks on Everflow Affiliate Campaign link

Step #2

User is taken to a relevant offer in the campaign

Step #3

If no offer is found to match the targeting of an offer in the campaign the user will be shown the catch all offer.

Step #4

If the user fails that catch all offer they will be taken to the fail traffic offer within that catch all offer. At that point the click will count as invalid for the affiliate on the catch all and you will be able to monetize it via the fail traffic offer setup on the catch all offer. 

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