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Everflow Account - Two Factor Authentication

This will allow another level of security when enabled on your account. 

*IMPORTANT* This feature is only available by request and is not added to your account automatically. 

Step #1

Once it is enabled you will go to this screen when trying to login

Step #2

At this point you will have to download google authenticator on your iOS or Android device.(this only works on mobile phones, they do not have a desktop app)

Step #3

Follow the steps through the app and get the code

Step #4

Insert the code into this next screen which will pop up after you download the app and follow that process.

*IMPORTANT* If the code entered is wrong, user is notified, asked to enter new key or scan again and enter new code.

Step #5

If the code entered is right, you will be notified and asked to login again for security reasons.

Step #6

From now on, every time the you login, you only have to enter the code provided by the app to gain access to your Everflow account, you do not have to scan this every time. 

If you enter a wrong code 5 times, you will have to login again.

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