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Cohort Report

In order to see the cohort report under the analytics section in your network UI login you need to first go to Roles > edit the role associated with your account. Then go to the analytics section and make sure the cohort report is check boxed here:

Then you will find the Cohort Report in the Analytics section once you save this. 

This report allows you to see how long after a specific top level metric occurred, such as a click, a metric happened, such as conversion or event. For example, say a user clicks on an affiliate tracking link from an offer but doesn't generate an event or conversion for 7 days later. You can see this right now if you run a conversion report using the "date" and "click date" columns. There was not way to see this in an aggregated view. The Cohort report lets you see how many clicks happened on a certain day and how many days after those specific clicks turned into conversions, events, sales, payout, or revenue. 

Please refer to the example below:

On 12/21/2018 a click was sent to offer ID 16. You can see on day 1, 4 conversions happened. Then on day 6 a 5th conversion happened for that same click.  

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