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Pacing Report

The Pacing Report can be found under Reporting > Pacing. The purpose of this report, is to easily see which of your Offers are reaching their designated caps, and which have unused budget. 

Step 1

Setting your report criteria, you are able to see your desired windows of time as well as the specified:

Cap Type: Custom Settings Caps, Offer Caps, Offer Group Caps

Cap Option: Daily (Click, Conversion, Payout, Revenue), Weekly (Click, Conversion, Payout, Revenue), Monthly (Click, Conversion, Payout, Revenue) Global (Click, Conversion, Payout, Revenue). 

Chart Type: Line, Multi Line, Stacked Bar

Step 2

Once all Filters and Preferences have been selected, run your report. 

Summary Card: Overview of all caps/budgets divided by Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Global 

Reporting Graph: You are able to select the type of chart when running this report. When Multi Line or Stacked Bar is selected you will see the Current Cap Usage vs. Remaining Cap Available. 

Data: You can see a breakdown by Date, Offer Name, % of cap used, Total Cap and how much of the Cap was used. You can also export this data. 

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