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Starting an Ad Network on Everflow Guide

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New Ad Networks, and migrating Ad Networks to Everflow

This guide provides you with a snapshot of the features you’ll want to understand when getting started on Everflow. Don’t forget, whenever you have any questions while using our platform, you always be able to ask questions to our Customer Success team via live chat:

Check here whenever you have questions about Everflow’s terminology:

Here is the quick step-by-step guide on how to setup your Ad Network, and start generating revenue:

Setting up the Advertiser for your first offer:

Getting started by setting up with your first offer:

Setting up postbacks with your Advertiser:

Adding your first Publisher/Affiliate for promoting the offer:

Adding your publisher’s Postbacks:

Generating Tracking Links:

Once your publishers/affiliates have received your tracking links, and started promoting your offers, keep track of their performance and quality:

The Everflow Dashboard gives you a quick picture of your daily performance and revenue, and provides your team with a snapshot of your top publishers and offers:

For reviewing your overall performance, you’ll primarily use the Offer Report:

Use the Analytics — Dimensional report whenever you want to quickly see a complete breakdown of your data. This is extremely useful finding bad publisher placement sources, optimizing around City performance, or any other tasks that benefits from looking at specific data:

If you want to go further into the Data, or want to download a report on that data, utilize the Analytics — Flex Report:

For preventing Mobile Fraud, two of the most common types are Click Injection and Click Spamming. You can keep a watchful eye on your traffic through the Click to Conversion time Report:

  • To check for Click Injection, make sure that you’re never seeing more than handful of CVs coming in before 15 Seconds on the Mean Time to Conversion report.
  • For Click Spamming, make sure you’re not seeing more than 30% of your installs coming in >24 Hours on the Mean Time to Conversion report.

You can also set up automated Alerts to notify you when Click to Conversion time fraud or any other abnormal metrics are coming in:


Check out our Mobile Fraud overview and recommended protection practices:

You can start automating your traffic process by building our API connections to your Publisher/Affiliate partners by generating their individual API Keys:

Once you have some of your publishers set up for promoting your offers via API, it’s time to start building out your Advertiser API partnerships. We make this process super manageable through our EverXChange tool, which lets you instantly connect to 30+ Advertiser APIs:

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