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Affiliate/Partner Sign up Customization

You can watch a video of the below steps here.

This article will show you how to customize the affiliate sign up page. 

Step #1

Go to Control Center > Configuration > Affiliate Portal

Step #2

On the right side of the screen in the "Sign Up" Box click "Edit"

Step #3

If you would like to add custom T&Cs to the sign up page please scroll down to the bottom of the Affiliate(partner) Portal section and add them here(you need to have Enforce Terms and Conditions set to "On" to add :

These appear here on the affiliate sign up page:

Step #4

Input a custom header and sign up confirmation. The confirmation comes after the user signs up. 

An image of where the here will appear on the sign up page is below:

Step #5

Custom fields allows you to add more fields to the sign up page

Click "Add Field" to add one. There are 5 fields you can choose from:

A preview of the field will populate below after you choose one:

The place holder is the text in the box before a user starts typing. Prefix is the same except it doesn't disappear when the user starts typing. You can choose to make the question "Required" or not by toggling it from Red to Green.

These new fields will appear in the "Additional Information" Section:

In the Field Type: Select, the Option Label is what the label is in the drop down and Option Value is the value displayed on the affiliate's page after they sign up(in the network UI). 

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