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Label management

You now have the ability to manage all your labels in a single view. 

Step 1

Navigate to Control Center > Labels 


Select which columns you would like to display your label results for: Advertisers, Label, Offer Groups, Offers, Partners/Affiliates, Smart Links (formerly Campaigns)

Step 3

From the main screen, you are able to see where your Labels are applied. You may also Add or Edit your labels from this view. 

A. Adding Labels - Enter the name of the Label you wish to create. Select the Offers, Advertisers, Partners/Affiliates, Smart Links and Offer Groups that you would like to apply this label to. To save, press Add. 

B. Editing Labels - To the right of the Label you would like to edit, choose either Edit or Delete from the options. You may add or remove any Offers, Advertisers, Partners/Affiliates, Smart Links or Offer Groups from your existing Label. When you are finished, press Save.

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