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Custom Creatives

Please follow the below steps to setup a custom creative:

Step #1

Go to  Offers > Manage > click on name of offer > Custom Settings. 

Or you can go to Affiliates > Manage > click on name of affiliate > Custom Settings.


Step #2

Click on the Add button on the Custom Creatives card. 

Step #3

After you've given the setting a name, you can now control the affiliate(s) that will be assigned a custom creative.

The custom setting status can be switch from active or inactive. This could be useful if you quickly need to revert your changes without deleting the entry.

Click Continue to move to the next screen. 

Step #4

Here you will be able to upload/add the custom creative as well as select additional offers if any you would like to have with the same Custom Creative setting. 

Click on Save to finish setup. 

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