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Tipalti Integration

Tipalti is a payment solutions provider. With this integration enabled the Everflow platform can make seamless payments from Networks to Affiliates. This includes making payments using Wires and ACHs. If you are not familiar with Tipatli, click here for more information. 

In order to integrate your Network account with Tipalti please reach out to your Everflow rep directly and we can assist in the setup. This is the general overview of how it works:

1. Everflow integrates with Tipalti via API

2. Payees (affiliates) can be added to Tipalti via the API with existing ids or new ids. 

3. Affiliates can edit/update their billing information themselves via the Affiliate UI.

4. IPNs need to be setup for Everflow to receive payment notifications and mark invoices as paid etc.

5. Payments are made from the Everflow network UI

Once the integration is done. If an affiliate is new to Tipalti and doesn't already have a payee ID they will need to add in their payment information and we will generate them one that syncs up directly with their account on Everflow. They will need to go to the My Account > Settings section and update their payment info. Once they have done that you will be able to issue payment after an invoice is created in Everflow. Please follow the steps in this documentation: https://help.everflow.io/support/solutions/articles/22000224473-partner-billing-invoice-feature

Tipalti Webhook Names:

  • Ipn payment completed template
  • Ipn for cancelled payment

  • Ipn for declined payment group

  • Ipn for deferred payment

  • Ipn for payee details changed

New Tipalti Account Integration:

Existing Tipalti Account Integration:

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