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Custom Settings

Custom Settings can be found under the Offer or the Affiliate screens. There are four Custom Setting options: Payout & Revenue, Caps, Landing Pages and Creatives. All Custom Settings have the below similar steps and functionality:

Step #1

In the menu, click on Offers > Manage > Name of Offer. Or click on Affiliate > Manage > name of Affiliate.

Step #2

When viewing the offer/affiliate details, click on the Custom Settings tab.

Step #3

Click on the Add button of the Custom Payout & Revenue card

Step #3A

Or you can create a copy of a preexisting custom setting for one or multiple offers or affiliates.

Step #4

Create the Conditions of the custom rule:

-Setting Name

-Apply to Affiliates: Control the affiliate(s) that will be assigned to this custom setting.  Either you assign it to all affiliates (i.e you have a custom payout for a specific city) or you choose specific affiliate(s).

-Fire Affiliate Postback: Gives you the option to fire the affiliate's postbacks if the conditions of the custom setting is matched. 

-Offer: Allows you to create these conditions for multiple offers at once. 

-Event: Select if the custom setting will only effect the Base or specific Event. 

-Status: Allows you to quickly revert changes without deleting the entry. 

-Effective Between: Ability to set a start and expiration date.

*Pro tip* - Note, if there are two custom settings , the most granular setting will be selected. For example: 

Custom setting 1: All partners - payout $1.50

Custom setting 2: One specific partner - payout $1.00 

The most granular, in this case setting 2, for the specific partner, will be selected. 

Step #5

On top of selecting the affiliates/offers, you have the option of settings rules for incoming Sub IDs, Adv IDs and Source ID. We support the following tracking link parameters: sub1, sub2, sub3, sub4, sub5, source_id, adv1, adv2, adv3, adv4, and adv5. The match types available are: begins with, contains, ends with, exact match. Multiple values can be added into the Values field as long as they are separated by line. 

Step #6

Targeting is where you can set specific rules based on platform, country, region, city, day parting, etc. Similar to the sub id filters, this section is optional. This is pretty useful for a situation where the advertiser is giving you different payout based on country/region as it allows you to regroup all the payouts under one offer. 

Pro tip - Note that these settings won't have any impact on the offer targeting rules. If you have an offer that targets United States and you provide a custom payout for Germany, this custom payout will never be enforced. The payout targeting rules need to be a subset of the offer targeting rules.

Payout & Revenue

The available payout types are CPA, CPS, CPM, CPC, CPA + CPS and Percentage of Revenue. The available revenue types are RPA, RPC, RPS, RPM and RPA+RPS. Please refer to this article for more details on the payout methods.

Once you are done just click on the Add button at the bottom right of your screen.


Caps do not have the General Condition or Targeting options like the other Custom Settings. Once the Affiliate/Offer are selected cap types and frequency can be added. 

*Pro tip* - Note that with custom caps in place, the system will always work off of the first cap hit. e.g. If there is a network cap of 1000 daily conversions, and a custom affiliate cap of 600 daily conversions, if the network cap is hit before the affiliate has run 600 conversions, the affiliate clicks will go to invalid regardless of whether they have run 600 conversions. If the affiliate reaches their 600 conversion cap, there may still be 400 remaining of the network total, but the affiliate's continued traffic will be sent to invalid.

Landing Pages

Custom Landing pages allow you to set a private landing page for a specific affiliate and offer. This landing page will override any Base Destination URL set at the offer level. It will NOT override extra destination urls. This means if an affiliate falls into any of the rules set on Custom Landing Pages they will be directed into the new landing page instead of the Base Destination URL. Please note that you can append Everflow macros to this landing page.

(Optional) - If Affiliate should be credited for conversion and payout of Custom Landing Page. 

Copy the Base Destination URL from the offer within Everflow that you would like to redirect the users. 

Paste in the Base Destination URL field within Custom settings on the "Landing Page" step. 

Add /{affiliate_encoded_id}/ to the end of the URL. This will ensure that the conversion is tracked back to the affiliate.  Example:{transaction_id}/{affiliate_encoded_id}/

*Affiliate will need to be approved for the offer of the Base Destination URL. 


Here you will be able to upload/add the custom creative as well as select additional offers if any you would like to have with the same Custom Creative setting. Only affiliates assigned to this custom setting will see the additional creatives. 

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