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AppsFlyer Event Troubleshooting

There are four parts to confirm if an AppsFlyer integration is setup correctly:

1) Event Creation - Events can be created on an offer level within the Payout & Revenue tab or within the Events tab of an Advertiser. Offer events will be used in the following example. 

2) Base Destination URL  - Below is a breakdown of the most commonly used parameters within AppsFlyer links. The goalid parameter is a requirement in order to track events.{affiliate_id}&af_sub_siteid={sub2}&pid=everflow_int&clickid={transaction_id}&goalid_1=54&goalid_2=139&goalid_3=140

AppsFlyer ParameterEverflow Macro/Variable


{affiliate_id}ID of an affiliate on the network
af_sub_siteid{sub2}Sub ID 2 in the affiliate tracking URL
Partner ID from AppsFlyer
clickid{transaction_id}Unique id associated to the transaction
goalid_1 (2, 3, 4...)Event ID or Advertiser Event IDEvent or Advertiser Event ID created within Everflow on the Offer or Advertiser level.

Click here to find more Everflow macros. 

3) AppsFlyer's In-App Event Postback -  If you do not have access to this screen, please confirm via a screen shot how it's setup from your client. The Partner Event Identifier will always be $$click(goalid_1) format. The Event ID used in the Base Destination URL will need to match the goalid number that is shown in this screen. For example in the Base Destination URL above, Event ID 54 is First Deposit, Event ID 139 is First Bet and Event ID 140 is Fifth Bet. 

4) Everflow's Postback - This is how you can setup a global postback within AppsFlyer. You will have to choose between always using advertiser level or offer level events, or have two global postbacks placed. 

Offer Level Events:$$click(clickid)&event_id=$$sdk(mapped-iae)

Advertiser Level Events:$$click(clickid)&adv_event_id=$$sdk(mapped-iae)

Everflow ParameterAppsFlyer MacroDefinition
Network Id provided by Everflow
Unique id associated to the transaction
Event id associated with the conversion
Advertiser event id associated with the conversion

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