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Smart Links provides a powerful tool to ensure that you’re sending your traffic to the best matching Offers. For your Offer’s Fail Traffic destination, Smart Links are the most effective setup. With Smart Links, you’re creating a bundled group of Offers that are reached through a single tracking link. Each User’s Click will be matched up with an Offer either through a downward list (Priority) or in a random rotation (Weight). Smart Links confirms that the Offer criteria would accept the User before delivering the Click, and if not it will deliver the User’s Click with a different matching bundled Offer.

WEBINAR: Click here to see our short webinar on Offer Groups and Smart Links.

Use Case Example

You have an Offer that targets all OS, but each OS has its own designated landing page. Therefore, you set up three separate offers with OS targeting applied: Offer 1 (iOS), Offer 2 (Android), Offer 3 (Desktop). You also have three creative assets that you want to distribute evenly to traffic from each OS (i.e. 1/3 of iOS users > URL A, 1/3 of iOS users > URL B, 1/3 of iOS users > URL C). In this case, you would redirect users based on a rotation (i.e. Weight) and allow Offer targeting to send users to the proper landing page per OS.

A How-To Guide

Step 1

Go to Offers > Smart Link > + Add Smart Link

You could also copy an existing Smart Link by going to Offers > Smart Link > click on the three vertical dots and click 'Copy'.

Step 2

Fill in the required fields including Name, Status and Tracking Domain. 

Let's take a deeper look at the other key aspects adding/editing your Smart Link, outlined in the image below with labels 1-4. 

  1. A Catch-All Offer can be activated using the check box and allows you to define which Offer your traffic will be sent to if it does not meet the requirements for any Offers included in the Smart Link. See the following steps to understand how a User would ultimately reach a Catch-All Offer:

    1. User clicks on Everflow Partner's Smart Link.
    2. User is sent to the most relevant Offer included in the Smart Link based on all criteria and the defined redirect mechanism. 
    3. If none of the Offers included in the Smart Link match with the Click, the User is taken to the Catch-All Offer, regardless of weight or priority.
    4. If the User does not match the criteria for the Catch-All Offer, the Fail Traffic logic associated with that Catch-All Offer takes over.
  2. The Redirect Mechanism uses either rotation-based logic (Weight) or waterfall-like logic (Priority). 
    • Weight: Define a percentage of traffic to be sent to each Offer.
    • Priority: Define the order of priority for each Offer when the required Offer criteria (i.e. targeting, caps, approval) matches the User's Click. For example, Offer 1 will be shown first, however if the Offer's cap is already met or the targeting does not match, the User is sent to Offer 2, and so on. 
  3. The Offer URL can be adjusted here, either to use the Offer's Base Destination URL or a separate Extra URLs. For more information about Offer URLs, please see - [Extra Destination URLs/Offer URLs].
  4. Define additional targeting criteria to the Offers in the Smart Link. The Offer targeting will always be applied first, and will not be overridden by these additional rules.

*PRO TIP: All Conversions generated via Smart Link will be attributed to their respective individual Offers and therefore appear in reporting under each respective Offer in your portal as well as your Partners'. Use Smart Link reporting to analyze the overall Smart Link performance. 

*PRO TIP: If offer is using cookies(No everflow transaction id used) for tracking - then the everflow Conversion pixel domain and tracking domain in the smartlink must match to track correctly.

Step 3 (Partner Visibility)

Define whether Partners have visibility to Smart Links in their portal, or if you will give the Smart Link to your Partners directly. Partners cannot view Smart Links in their portal by default.

To enable the Smart Link in your Partners' portal, switch the toggle on for 'Show To Partners.'

In this case, the Smart Link is viewable in the Partner portal by going to Smart Link > click on the name of a Smart Link - Tracking Links tab.

If 'Show To Partners' is *not* enabled and you prefer to pull the Smart Link for your Partners, please click Offers > Smart Link > click the name of the Smart Link - Tracking Links tab.

*PRO TIP: Partners need to be approved to run any/all Offers included in a Smart Link in order for it to function properly, including the Catch-All Offer, unless the Smart Link logic accounts for being blocked within the redirect flow.

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