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Forwarding Rules


- An offer forwarding rule will let you route the traffic to another destination for one or multiple affiliates

- The forwarding rule will let you send traffic to another offer (including specific offer url), offer group, smart link or plain destination URL

- Your affiliates will see the stats for the original offer as well as the "forwarded" offer

- When you copy an offer, rules are copied in the new offer too.

- If an Offer with a Forwarding Rule is set to Paused, the Rule will still be active only if the global setting "Enable fail traffic when an offer is paused " is enabled. You can find this global setting when you navigate to ControlCentre>Configuration>GlobalSettings

Where is the new feature located?

Offers > Manage > View an offer > Forwarding Rules: you can view the list of forwarding rules defined for this offer. From there, you can add/edit rules. (see screenshots below)

How to use the feature

When you want to forward all traffic coming to an offer, you have to create a forwarding rule. 

1) Conditions: Define the general properties of your rule (name, status...) in the first tab. 

2) Destination:  Choose the rule's of the destination type, which is one of: offer + (optional) offer rule / offer group / smart link / Offer URL. This is where the incoming traffic will be forwarded.

3) Targeting (Optional):  If a click does not match the Targeting rules the Forwarding Rule will not apply.

When viewing the details of invalid clicks, you will see a new error message when a forwarding rule has been applied.


As several rules can be applied to the same affiliate, we'll choose the first one that is matching. Note that we consider the rules that apply to specific affiliates (ie. 'apply to all affiliates' is not enabled) first.

Be aware that we send fail traffic parameters alongside the forwarded click. For example, consider the following situation where fail traffic is enabled on offer A, and a forwarding rule applies to offer B (forwarding to offer C). A click fails on offer A. So you'll have: A -> B -> C. If we disabled the 'pay affiliate' option, then the affiliate should not be paid for the conversion on offer C.

How the stats will be displayed

Imagine you have a forwarding rule on offer A that sends traffic to offer B for affiliate 123

1) Publisher 123 sends a click to offer A

2) Our system identifies the forwarding rule and quickly redirects the click to offer B

3) User converts on offer B, a postback is fired to the affiliate

The stats in the affiliate portal will look like:

Offer A

1 Gross Clicks

1 Invalid Clicks (error code = Forwarded Rule)

0 Conversions

$0 Revenue

Offer B

1 Gross Clicks

1 Valid Clicks

1 Conversion

$XXX Revenue

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