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Enforced Offer level Terms & Conditions

You now have the ability to require affiliates to agree to specific terms and conditions before their application to an offer will be accepted. 

*IMPORTANT* please note that if these are turned on while an offer is live and traffic is being drive it will cut all the affiliate's links until they agree to these T&Cs

Step 1. 

When creating or editing an offer, navigate to tab 3: Tracking & Controls

Step 2. 

Enable Terms & Conditions > Force Affiliates to agree to Terms & Conditions. Enable Terms & Conditions will make additional terms visible on the offer level; Force Partners to agree to Terms & Conditions will require that the Affiliate agree to the explicit terms before an application can be submit. 

Affiliate View: 

Network View: 

At the Offer level, navigate to the tab T&Cs. Using the toggle, you may view and/or Reset the previously accepted terms.

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