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Redirect Report

The Redirect Report gives an overview of fail traffic. 

How to Enable Redirect Report: Go to Control Center > Roles > click on three vertical dots in the row in which you would like to add Redirect Report > Click the plus next to Analytics > Check the box next to Redirect. 

To access this report, go to Analytics > Redirect.

The Redirect Report allows you a clear view of which Offer sent failed clicks to a subsequent offer in your Fail tree; this report is very similar to the dynamic nested in terms of look & feel. In this report, the user can select a parent and child column, including Originating Offer and Fail Offer.

Originating Offer: Initial offer the click was sent to

Fail Offer: Where the click was redirected after the initial failed click

Note: The reporting stats are Always related to the fail offer even though the fail offer column is not selected.

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