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Please use the following steps to integrate Optizmo (https://www.optizmo.com/) into your Everflow account

Step #1

Go to Control Center > Integrations > Suppression List and click on the Edit button in the Optizmo card

Step #2

Enable the toggle, and enter your Optizmo ONID (provided by Optizmo) and hit the Save button (bottom right).

Step #3

Now that the Optizmo integration is enabled, you can go ahead and enable the option for one of your offers. Once you are under the edit mode of your offer, go to the Email tab. You will find a dropdown with the available opt out lists, and you will select the one that you wish to use. 

Step #4

After your Offer has been created/edited with the Optizmo list selected, the links will be visible in the Affiliate UI. 

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